indepth #5

Progress Update: Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked with my mentor about different styles and approaches to ikebana. Recently, I have worked on an ikebana which is actually inside a fish tank. My mentor believes that ikebana should not be restricted to only flowers, albeit flowers make up a great portion of the art. In fact, the transcript of conversation you will see is related to this. This piece of ikebana which I titled “Seascape” both because it is a portrayal of sea-related items as well as it is a sort of escape from the real world and into this tiny universe.

I used these green and blue pebbles because they remind me of the ocean with the sort of tiny and grainy pebbles that you would see on the beach as well as marine colours. Seashells and luminescent orbs further fuel this feeling and bringĀ  one’s senses to the scene of the water just past the serene beach. The presence of the aquatic plant makes one feel like their in shallow water as the plant is so small yet so close. The pussywillows are unrelated to the ocean scenery but give off the vibe that their is a presence watching over and is a nod to the heavens in ikebana.

Conversation Transcript:

Me (Black hat): I thought in the school of ikenobo you don’t use any items that isn’t natural?

Mentor (Green hat): Although the ikenobo school may be strict like that, I don’t think ikebana should be restricted by purely flowers. Although I am not part of the very modern schools that use paperclips and wires, I think that using manmade items may add value to the art.

Me (Yellow hat): That makes sense because I also feel that an aquarium ikebana would be really cool and I don’t think we should restrict our creativity because of those rules especially when other schools do.

Mentor (Red hat): Exactly, ikebana is an art and restricting the medium too much can ruin the creative mind.

Mentor (White hat): Although, rules still serve a purpose and they should be respected to an extent.

Me (Red hat): That feels right to me. After all, if no one is willing to break a few rules then a lot of people’s art would be restricted.

Mentor (Yellow hat): Now that you’ve understood that. Let’s get to work on this aquarium ikebana.

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