Proposition of the ZIP inquisition

I have always been a fan of poetry as it provides another medium for self-expression and artistic release. I’d like to explore the question of “To what extent does the type of poetic structure effect the reader’s understanding of the motifs?” because it would help provide me insight on how emotions and ideas can be conveyed through poetry. I have always wondered why there are so many types of poems like limericks, sonnets, haikus etc. This question allows me to explore the creative differences between poem types and how they could possibly suit different motifs better than other poem types.

One of the inspirations that helped me create this inquiry question is the prior knowledge I have regarding poetry. Specifically, the idea that haikus are usually portrayals of nature, odes are meant to glorify someone or something etc. When I realized that certain poems fit better with certain motifs, I wanted to explore that deeper and find out why. I also want to find some suitable poem types for some lesser common motifs along the way. I also possess poetry writing skills because I have done some poetry in the past which will serve as a foundation for my ZIP project to be built on.

One of the biggest skills I’d like to expand on is my poetry-writing skills. Through the process of this ZIP project, I will be thoroughly analyzing poetry and poetic structure which will strengthen my poetic ability. I also want to improve on my ability to express and communicate my ideas which will be worked on when I devise the method I will use to show my learning over the course of the journey. Finally, I am also hoping to increase my vocabulary through writing poetry and trying to find the right words to convey the right meaning.

I can approach my peers regarding things like editing, ideas and inspiration. I can also approach qualified and educated adults who may provide some insight on poetry-writing or helpful tips on how I can represent my learning better.

Mainly, I will be looking through and perusing internet resources. Hopefully, there will be a lot of visual video resources for me since that is my best way of learning, but I will survive text-based websites. I will also look through some physical literature if I can find anything that is of use to my research and furthers my learning on the subject.

I will be reciting my poetry which will hopefully highlight how different poetic structures influence the understanding of the motif. The current method in mind right now, is to have a few poems with the same motif but different poetic structures, so the audience can help decide which poem type helps actualize the true meaning of the poem best.


Jan 7th – 10th Research into types of motifs, poem etc.

Jan 11th – 25th Write poetry in different styles and motifs

Jan 26th – 28th Finalize all the pieces to my presentation


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