Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eminent Introductory

“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I sought after Franklin Roosevelt as an eminent person for “Night of the Notables” after hearing that Roosevelt the only U.S president to have served more than two terms. However, this was merely a morsel of Roosevelt’s vast array of achievements. Franklin Roosevelt was a charismatic and revolutionary man who rescued the U.S from the brink of economic collapse, built the New Deal Coalition, spearheaded wartime alliances, and redefined the federal government while being unable to walk. Roosevelt is an international legend and hero who I aspire to be as great as. Image result for franklin roosevelt ww2

Franklin Roosevelt Neilan Tan
Male Male
Caucasian Descent Asian Descent
Upper-Class Middle-Class
Born in Hyde Park, New York, United States Born in Maple Ridge, B.C, Canada
Born in the year 1882 Born in the year 2003


I believe that I share the quick-thinking, charismatic, ambitious, and headstrong qualities that Franklin Roosevelt. These qualities are some of the many defining characteristics that lead to Roosevelt’s continued success and vigorous perseverance. Roosevelt used these qualities to influence the people around him into a change and ushered in a new era after the Great Depression. Roosevelt’s journey is similar to my goal in TALONS, which is to make a difference among my peers and hopefully influence them in some positive way. Although Roosevelt was a stunning and cunning man, it may be hard to relate to him because he had more opportunities as a person than most people. From young, he had lots of connections to important people, such as his fifth cousin who was president of U.S before him. I may be able to exemplify his ambitions and goals, but his upbringing is different to mine in many ways.Image result for franklin roosevelt ww2

Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States and entered office during the worst economic crisis in history. He helped millions of Americans by building the New Deal Coalition and bringing the federal government into a new perspective. After building a much more stable economy, Roosevelt led America in one of the worst wars in history. He led successful wartime meetings with Britain and the Soviet Union during World War II and helped build the atom bomb which ended up saving thousands of Americans. Franklin Roosevelt is someone who has been recorded in the annals of history and will continue to be an inspiration to people in the future. However, his journey was not a smooth rise to success. Roosevelt woke up one day to find that he could no longer walk, but that did not stop him on his road to success. The small setback had only ignited his desire to keep moving on forward which is why he is someone who everyone should know about. Franklin Roosevelt is a man who achieved a lot, while facing off with even more. We should all learn a bit from him and understand that setbacks are merely whetstones to consolidate your ambition.Image result for franklin roosevelt ww2

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