Science Final 9: Ted Talk

My science inquiry ted talk is “What is the gut microbiome and to what extent does it influence the brain?” This a significant yet niche subject as it explores intricate communications within the body.

3 thoughts on “Science Final 9: Ted Talk”

  1. Neilan, cool video! I learned a whole bunch. People often think of bacteria as something that’s bad, but your video demonstrated how bacteria is a crucial part to our everyday lives. It’s so cool how eating a certain type of food too much, can impact the bacteria levels in our gut and that can impact our health. It’s also crazy how that can then connect back into our brain and relate to mental health. You did a great job synthesizing such a big concept into the allotted time frame, and still giving the viewers a thorough understanding of your topic.
    I was just curious does this concept of gut bacteria in anyway lead back to addiction?
    Again, great video!


  2. Hey Neilan,
    Very educational and engaging ted talk! I really liked how you were able to connect gut bacteria and the brain, as I never would have thought that they were connected. I wonder how the gut bacteria interacts with other pack in the body?

  3. Hi Neilan!

    Your TED Talk explained your topic fluently and with a lot of depth and research. The use of adding different research studies brought a level of professionalism into your video. The visuals, text prompts, and hook added a well explained feel to the presentation. I learned a lot about the gut bacteria! Nice work explaining the different steps/topics to make sure everyone is on the same page, no matter their previous experience. Great job!

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