For the most part. my progress has been smooth sailing. Although I have faced a few impediments on this in-depth journey, it has been a worthwhile and fulfilling experience. I have progressed into the fluidity and precision of my lampworking as well as the memorization of procedures. When I first started, I used to forget the steps to making different components for the final glasswork, but now I’ve memorized almost all the key components in the glasswork I make.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a slight slow down and decrease in the amount of times and how frequently I meet my mentor due to recent issues surrounding my family. This can be considered quite a big challenge for me since it directly correlates to a more time-consuming learning process due to the infrequency. However, other than the slightly slower speed of progress, I am steadily increasing my skill in myriad ways. My main focus right now is still working on making bigger beads so that they can be decorated more.

A recent success as well as new experience of mine is the process of using pliers as a tool to create glasswork. Recently, I have started using pliers to pull and shape hot glass which is easily flexible. However, I also train my speed and precision because hot glass cools very quickly and transforms into a brittle substance which is easily shattered. Not only have I used pliers to create more art, but I have also used pliers to create ‘stringers’ which help provide a nice touch and decor for a bead or any other glasswork.

For the in-depth night, I plan to present by learning my having an aray of glasswork ordered in a timeline. Clearly illustrating my progress as I have grown and learned. I plan on elaborating on the learning that came with every bead as well as some of the stories behind some less “presentable” glassworks. I also plan on having a sped up video of me lampworking to show everyone the process of refining glass. However, this video might not be possible if I can’t get it in time, but I plan for it to be there.

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