1. viva la revolution step
  2. The French Revolution is quite similar to the English Civil War in the regard that both of them had a lavish and overspending king as one of the main catalysts. These rulers both decided to impose high taxes which resulted in the big social, economic and technological uprisings. Both civilizations began to rebel against these high taxes which set off a series of changes to become these respective revolutions.
  3. The French Revolution ends in justice since the people had got what they wanted. They had executed King Louis XVI and ushered in a new age for the people. This led to the election of Napoleon who slowly brought the economy back up and satisfied the people. Not only was the economy restored, but new technology like the metric system and guillotines were now seeded into the society.

17th century? thats pretty far back blog post

Dear Johann,

It has been a long time since we have been in contact, dear brother. I fear it

may be the last. Johann, you know that I am no brother of the quill like you,

or a brother of the sword like our older brother. I barely know how to write

with all these cramp-words. The only reason I am writing this letter

because the gapeseed I’ve seen is not something we should ever see. Almost

like a Banbury tale, I can’t seem to piece any of it together. The black death

is what they call it. Utterly insufferable, that demon sucks the life out of

everyone down here in London. Michael was just enjoying his nipperkin the

other day and now he’s another victim to that heinous plague. Not only

Michael, Andrea is bedridden with this horrid curse. Even I don’t know what

to do anymore. I was in brown study for a while wondering if I should even

tell you about this. After all, I know this catastrophe has already started to

show up around your town. I always thought Michael would’ve died with a

sword to his throat and his hands on another man’s neck. Who would’ve

thought this could happen? These doctors aren’t doing anything and the

so-called King of ours is as useless as a heathen philosopher. All he can do is

spend money and tax us, that loathsome swill-belly! Either way, I pray this

letter reaches you before the black death does. I hope you can look after

mother and father with Michael being gone. I will try and come home

quickly, but who knows if I’ll make it before God calls me back. This whole

town is riddled with disease and gut-foundered folks. I pray the passage to

your town is much safer than these jumble-gut lanes I search through

looking for food. Pray, I’ll begin my journey in a fortnight if I can pack up all

my things quickly enough. Brother, I hope you don’t look down on me but I

fear that I must leave Andrea behind. Even with me, I doubt she’ll live to see

the next fortnight. Brother, I am on my way.

Signed, Rycher


It is week seven of in-depth projects and I have delved even deeper into the craft of glass working. So far I have made distinct progress since the beginning of my glass working journey. These are some pictures of the beads I have recently made with my newfound skills. I have mainly been focusing on beads, but I am slowly focusing more and more on the detailing of the beads rather than shaping them now. Techniques like dotting and striping have already been covered and I am moving into more complex techniques like twisting and melding.

(Pictures here because the file is too big to include:) https://imgur.com/a/mVaXx (Don’t worry it is a safe link)

1. What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?

Personally, the most difficult issue to deal with is the distance and meet ups. Naturally, the more I meet with my mentor the better. However, my mentor lives quite far away in Maple Ridge and is quite hectic to make the trip all the way over there. On top of that, we can only meet Saturdays, but sometimes I have plans on Saturdays which conflict. However, I still try to accommodate the in-depth project into my schedule and try to meet him at least once every two weeks. This is more of a convenience issue rather than a mentoring issue, but it still leaves a significant impact on the in-depth project.

2. What is working well? Why?

The formatting and teaching style of my mentor has been extremely effective for me. Since it is a 1 on 1 style mentorship it is very easy for us to fine tune the teaching to my style. If there is something I am having difficulty with I can clearly state the issues I’m having without being shy about anything. This makes the learning process comfortable and fluid for me.

3. What could be working better?  How can you make sure this happens?

I notice that I waste quite a bit of time at the end of the meetings since I have to wait for the beads to cool before removing them from the mandrils. This poses a problem because I do not meet my mentor very often and I would like to use our time together to its full potential. The way I will handle this is by possibly cooling the beads in the workshop while I am not there. Contrarily, I could also acquire my own bead cooling station if that is not a viable option. Either way, I have a contingency plan if all else fails.