How do we convince others to agree with our points of view and perspectives?

I’ve always had a desire to be able to persuade and influence others to believe what I believe through writing. I selected this skill because it seemed like a very useful and interesting concept to explore. I feel that a skill as versatile as this can be applied to any situation and will show value soon. I am motivated to delve deeper due to my desire to be an influential and motivating writer. I also wish to explore the factors that can affect the believability of my writings and wish to be able to apply these concepts into other formats of text.

From prior experiences, I am aware of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos being on of the main methods of persuasion. I also have a bit of experience with persuasive writing from Middle School. One of the skills that I already have that will be helpful is my ability to write in a persuasive format. I also have good researching skills which will able me to find reputable and useful resources.

I want to be able to understand the concepts that make text believable and can incorporate that into any text. I also hope to have a deep enough understanding of these concepts so I can manipulate it into any way I want. I hope to be able to identify and correlate these concepts to the effect on the human perception and mind.

I can approach my classmates and teachers for help when I need aid. I can also approach my parents if there is an issue with the supplies I need or something along those lines.

Some useful resources I can use are articles that talk about rhetoric, persuasive writing, propaganda, and figurative language. These are all factors that can affect persuasiveness and they can all be good resources. I can also analyze the writing of others and identify the persuasive techniques used.

I hope to provide a lecture on the different concepts to persuade others as well as how to properly and effectively use them. I will show demonstrations and examples of optimal ways to appeal to the target audience. I will also go over considerations to take in before beginning to write anything. For example, something like target audience.

Week 1: Research rhetoric, persuasive writing, figurative language, and propaganda

Week 2: Learn how to properly format those concepts into text

Week 3: Start to produce artefact

Week 4: Format presentation and artefact together

Week 5: Polish any rough edges

Week 6: Present

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