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I got to learn an enormous amount of info about Teller that I had no clue about beforehand. Finding all this interesting info about someone I looked up to was already a great success for me. I was very satisfied with my learning centre because I felt like it gave a clear understanding of why someone like Teller is so eminent. The learning centre was a great opportunity for me to share my information and understanding of Teller in a relaxed manner that suited me. I felt little to no stress (except for the beginning where I screwed up a few tricks), and had a great time explaining and performing for my audience. If there is something I really would like to improve on, it would be my speech. I rehearsed my speech and had a lot of info, but when I was on stage I screwed up a lot and forgot everything. I tried to cover up my mistakes, but my brain didn’t even know which lines I had said and which I had not. I would definitely rehearse and practice even more if I had the opportunity again.

  1. I will definitely remember all the stunning speeches that were performed in such a fluent and professional manner. I hope that I will be just as good next year when it is my turn. I am also going to remember going around and visiting everyone’s culmination of knowledge after working hard for so long. I will also remember my effort and thought put into my learning centre. My learning centre may not be as amazing as others, but I know that the creativity and effort I put into it is definitely worth remembering. It was both a rewarding and fulfilling experience to entertain and explain to my audience.
  2. First of all, I’d like to thank Mr. Morris for offering me guidelines to hand-in assignments so I don’t procrastinate to the last minute and screw myself over. I’d also like to thank my classmates for supporting me and helping me out whenever I am in need. For example, I felt my poster was a bit lackluster and Kailey helped to draw some simple images on my poster which filled in some extra space and made it a lot better. It was really nice to have people willing to help me in my time of need and I hope I was an assistance to someone else as well.

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