Teller – Eminent Introductory Post

Magic is one of the oldest performing arts and has lasted throughout the years for a reason. The mystifying illusions and gracefully executed misdirections have always dazzled skeptical or unsuspecting audiences. I had fallen prey to those sorts of trickeries and became enraptured. tellerNowadays, I practice magic tricks while learning from the greatest world-renowned magicians. However, there is one quiet-mouthed individual who has called out to me with his witty style of magic and comedy.
Teller (whose name was originally Raymond Joseph Teller) is most known for being half of the Penn & Teller duo. However, most people are unaware that he is more than a decoration for Penn’s magic shows. Teller by himself is a stunning magician, illusionist, author, comedian, director, actor, and someone who is unquestionably eminent.
In my mind, as a young attention-seeking boy, the best way to garner the attention and praise of others was through impressing them. Naturally, there were myriad ways of amassing the attention of other on to me, but I wanted to do something that impressed myself as well. That was how I delved into the perplexing world of magic and found out about Teller.
I selected Teller as my eminent not only because he is a great magician, but also because he is a great comedian. I aspire to be as great of a comedian and magician as Teller. There are sleight of hand magicians that have perfected their technique to the point of surpassing Teller’s skill. However, (I believe that) Teller’s mix of comedy and magic is far more fun and entertaining than pure sleight of hand magicians.
I do not see myself becoming a magician or a comedian for a living, but I do wish to excel in both categories. My desire to surmount others in this regard stems from my desire to be acknowledged by others and myself. I feel that the pressure and instability of taking magic as an occupation is far too high for me and would rather hone my skills while keeping it as a hobby of mine.
The main obstacles I see in accomplishing my stated endeavor is the lack of resources to work with and a lazy attitude. As an amateur magician, having books, videos, teachers, and other resources are very valuable resources required to learn sleight of hand and other techniques. The other type of resource that I currently lack is props and gimmicked items. Many professional-grade magic tricks rely on expensive props to quickly create an effect or distort the audience’s attention. This study should prove useful in my journey because it aids me in understanding how Teller was able to be successful in his goals.card-trick-animated-gif-8
Teller is an atheist, Jewish male who supports the libertarian party, was born in U.S.A, and was born into a middle-class family. I am a Chinese male who doesn’t understand his take on religion, who doesn’t understand political parties, and was born into a middle-class family. I believe that none of these differences or similarities will pose problems in connecting with my eminent. These barriers are all superficial and have little effect on the world of magic and my comprehension of it. I believe that if Teller was any other race, he would still be my eminent because of the person he is and the art he makes.
Mainly, I want to learn about how he reached where he is today and what were the people, resources, or other things that drove him to what he is today. I also want to learn about how his experience relates to mine, as someone who aspires to be like Teller. I hope to use Teller’s experiences and knowledge to aid myself in the journey ahead.
Sadly, I didn’t realize that my IEP could be related to things outside of school and leadership so I did not include any magic related topics. However, that does not mean I have no goals in magic for the upcoming year. I plan on practicing my cardistry (which is the portmanteau of cards and artistry; it refers to card flourishing and other visually appealing effects) as well as recreating some of Penn & Teller’s magic tricks.

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Contradictory to what is usually understood from this story, I believe that the pros outweigh the cons. When talking about the pros and cons of lying, I tend not to speak about the moral effect. Since everyone has a different set of morals and guidelines, which can lead to arguments with only ethical backing. If I had to explicitly announce the cons, then it would be the effect that Sam’s lie had on the people around him. Due to his carelessness, people wasted their money buying him and his family lasagna and ice cream from the girl. For Sam, this may not necessarily be a con (excluding internal conflict like guilt), but he is essentially robbing other people with pity. However, the pros of this lie are also very advantageous to Sam’s current predicament. This lie had allowed his once distorted family to improve and reach a better time for both Sam and his parents. Although it is quite plausible that the effects of the lie may run dry, Sam slightly deterred the inquisition with his confusion about worms. Although I cannot anticipate what path Sam may take. As long as he plays his cards right, he can avoid any social perils. In conclusion, I do not believe Sam’s lie was good or right, but I believe that the pros outweighed the cons.